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    Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for November 19, 2022

    Book Deals This content contains affiliate links. When you buy through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. ...

    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross unveil Bones and All soundtrack:

    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have unveiled the official soundtrack to Bones and All, the new film from Luca Guadagnino. Stream it below via Apple Music...

    Warner Bros. CEO on Future of DCU: ‘There’s Not Going

    As James Gunn and Peter Safran continue mapping out their 10-year plan for DC Studios, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav recently detailed what...


    HBO has finally unveiled the first trailer for the highly anticipated TV adaptation of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog's beloved video game about...

    What to Know About Jack Dorsey’s New App After Elon

    As Elon Musk settles in as Twitter's new owner, Jack Dorsey is building a new social network.  The Twitter co-founder, who stepped down as CEO in Nov....

    Roslyn Singleton Dies: ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Ellen’ Fan Fave

    Roslyn Singleton, who was a familiar face on America’s Got Talent and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has died after a nearly 10-year battle with...

    SERENA WAITS: SAVAGE REVENGE Full Exclusive Horror Movie English HD

    Title: SERENA WAITS: SAVAGE REVENGE Summary: When an alcohol fueled hook up takes a violent and horrifying turn, three college athletes find themselves haunted...

    16 Cheap Shampoos That Are Just as Good as Expensive

    I've spent most of my time as a beauty journalist working directly with hairdressers covering trends, news and advice. And for the most part,...

    Craig Railsback’s “Down and Out in Vampire Hills” Will Premiere

    The Horror Comedy Stars Dawna Lee Heising and Ken May and the Original Score by Dr. Renah Wolzinger and Keith Wolzinger Is in...

    Connelly’s Latest Thriller Has High Stakes and Slow-Burn Action

    Read The Full Article Here

    Behold Owen Wilson’s happy little trees in first look at

    IFC films has today shared the first look at Owen Wilson in Paint, in which the actor is equipped with with sky-high curls, a...

    Star Wars, Dark Pictures, & More Officially Join PS VR2

    Sony revealed a host of PlayStation VR2 games, but was cagey on what ones would actually be coming out alongside the headset on February...

    Episode #1212

    The stakes are higher than ever when all the contestants return to the same spot where they had their first challenge to compete in...

    Halle Berry Dances Topless with Boyfriend Van Hunt in Loved-Up

    Halle Berry Dances Topless with Boyfriend Van Hunt in Loved-Up Valentine's Day Video "You keep everything simple," Halle Berry addressed Van Hunt alongside...

    Offset and Wife Cardi B Honor Takeoff After His Death

    Cardi B, Offset, and Takeoff. MediaPunch/Shutterstock; Chelsea Lauren/ShutterstockCelebrating his memory. Offset and Cardi B gave a touching tribute to Migos rapper Takeoff...

    ‘Call Me Kat’ Sets Leslie Jordan’s Final Episode; Vicki Lawrence

    Fox has confirmed that Leslie Jordan‘s final episode of Call Me Kat will air on Thursday, December 1, and it will feature Emmy Award...



    Cary Tauben Style: See the Stylist’s Crazy Tracksuit Collection


    This “Shocking” Religious Horror Movie Is Topping the Netflix Charts

    We like to keep an eye on the Netflix horror titles making waves...


    Dark houses, ravenous creatures, and malevolent entities appear in this collection of unsettling tales. ...

    Comedians investigate ho-ho-homicide in trailer for Murderville’s Who Killed Santa?:

    Reindeer or not, Santa wasn’t ready for this slay in the first teaser for Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Mystery. The improvised mystery series returns...

    Warners Wants to Make ‘Man of Steel 2’ With Henry

    We’re not going to spoil anything in Black Adam but odds are if you’re reading this you’ve already seen rumors about an appearance from Henry Cavill...

    Better Saffron Than Sorry

    Chefs show off by creating unique interpretations of mussels with saffron. View Original Video Here

    Gogglebox cast dedicate National Television Award win to stars they’ve

    Gogglebox had an incredible night tonight (September 9) at the National Television Awards, scooping the gong for Best Factual Show. Heading on stage to...

    Remembering the Edgy ‘Seinfeld’ Episode ‘The Contest,’ 30 Years Later

    Being the “master of one’s domain” took on a different meaning 30 years ago, when the Seinfeld episode “The Contest” first aired on NBC....


    Please LIKE - SHARE - COMMENT Globetrotting action adventure Please subscribe to our channel Website: Please give your support. Thankyou. MOST HORROR FILM...

    I Buy My Basics from M&S—These 24 Look So Expensive

    When I was a child, I hated it when my mum would take me to our local M&S store, mainly because I knew we’d...

    ‘#Float’ Trailer Focuses on a River Trip Gone Horribly Wrong

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