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    Gunship’s Latest Video Filled With Haunting Imagery Generated by Artificial

    Halloween is here again, y’all. David Gordon Green’s trilogy is coming to an end with Halloween Ends and with it we get another rad...


    Twitter Layoffs Begin as New Owner Elon Musk Complains of

    Employees braced for widespread layoffs at Twitter Friday as new owner Elon Musk overhauls the social platform. In a letter to employees obtained...

    ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Is Being Turned Into NFTs

    Warner Bros. is taking a big step into the crypto world, making them the first movie studio to do so. They’re selling a Lord...

    The Best Running Jokes In Movies/Tv Shows

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    Gucci Has Us Seeing Double at Milan Fashion Week Spring

    Photography Courtesy of ImaxTree ...

    Lady Gaga reveals she had ‘total psychotic break’ after record

    Lady Gaga says she had a 'total psychotic break' when she was sexually assaulted at the age of 19 by a music producer.The Poker Face...

    Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Trolls Nick Cannon Over Baby No

    Ryan Reynolds just could not help roasting Nick Cannon over his latest baby announcement! As we previously reported, the 42-year-old Masked Singer host confirmed...

    ‘The White Lotus’ Creator Mike White Breaks Down What’s Old

    The Emmy-winning anthology, The White Lotus, may have switched its Hawaiian resort to a European hot spot, but the luxury hotel chain still seems...

    Horror Sounds Cemetery!

    Scary cemetery sounds. View Original Video Here

    The Lair (2022)

    The Lair – Genero: Terror – Thriller Pais: Inglaterra Duración: 90 minutos Director: Neil Marshall Guion: Neil Marshall Reparto: Charlotte Kirk, Jonathan Howard, Jamie...

    What are Forgotbusters? The Blockbuster Books that Time Forgot

    This content contains affiliate links. When you buy through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. It’s very difficult to...

    Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Share Video for New Song

    Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have shared a new song ahead of a forthcoming album. It’s called “Pretty Boy” and it features Johnny Marr...

    Venom 3 Director Set as Screenwriter Makes Directorial Debut

    The upcoming third entry in the Venom series has found its director, with screenwriter Kelly Marcel set to helm the third film, according to...

    Queer As Folk

    Having lost hand control from his bashing, Justin quits art school. Michael quits the Big Q and risks everything to buy a comic book...

    Blonde Tells the Story of Marilyn Monroe Through Costume

    Photography courtesy of Netflix ...

    Bringing Up Bates Star Katie Bates Is Engaged to Travis

    Bringing Up Bates Star Katie Bates Is Engaged to Travis Clark After Year-Long Courtship Katie Bates and Travis Clark began officially courting in...

    13 Times Characters Broke Our Hearts by Embracing the Dark

    Good TV is made not only by great stories but also by great characters. Through characters, viewers can learn,...

    SORBETERO SA BARYO | Tagalog Horror Stories

    Ang SORBETERO SA BARYO | Tagalog Horror Stories | True Stories ay isang police story na kakaiba. Isang krimen ang kanilang di matukoy dahil...

    Netflix Confirms Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’ is Getting a Second

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    Selena Gomez Calls Justin Bieber Breakup ‘the Best Thing That

    Selena Gomez‘s headline-making romance with Justin Bieber may not have worked out in the end, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t gain anything...

    ‘Andor’ Episode 7 Breakdown: Every Easter Egg and Secret

    This week’s Andor is called “Announcements,” and it’s a fitting title. Many of the many characters reveal their true selves this week after spending much...

    10 Television Shows Shot in Alberta, Canada

    Damnation: Damnation's single season premiered on the USA Network in 2017 and can now be viewed on Netflix. Production took place around the Calgary...

    Lori Harvey’s Cutout Gown Has a Dramatic Neck-High Slit

    Have you ever seen a dress with a slit so high it runs up to your neck? Check out this daring detail in...

    ‘Lovers Rock’ Review: Steve McQueen’s ‘Small Axe’ Film Has One

    After drilling into dreary subjects for five movies, Steve McQueen appears to have discovered joy. The dark personal and social struggles at the center...

    ABC Midseason Schedule: The Rookie on the Move, Milo Ventimiglia’s

    ABC has announced its plans for midseason, and there's a big change on the horizon for The Rookie. The...

    *EDITED* Horror Sounds of the Night Vintage Cassette 1986 Full

    This is the edited version. (The original recording can be found here, I took out about a minute and a half of "suggestive"...

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