6 “Improbable Meet-Cutes” in Collection from Christina Lauren, Abby Jimenez and More


The Improbable Meet-Cute by Christina Lauren, Abby Jimenez, Sally Thorne, Jasmine Guillory, Ashley Poston, Sariah Wilson

What’s it About?

In these six serendipitous short stories, bestselling authors turn improbable first encounters into hopelessly romantic happy ever afters.

The Improbable Meet-Cute Collection is a romance anthology piecing together romantic stories from six bestselling authors. Each author explores Valentine’s Day and all the ways it can go so wrong…or so right. 

Six Serendipitous Love Stories

In the first story, The Exception to the Rule by Christina Lauren, she tackles what happens when an email is sent to the wrong person. This results in Terra and Callum emailing every Valentine’s Day for years until, finally, they meet for the first time.  It’s amazing how just seeing their relationship grow over email on that one day a year can make you feel like you know these two so well. Terra and Callum (or T and C) are such funny characters. I love their wit and banter. I could have spent another 200 pages with them!! 

In The Worst Wingman Ever, Abby Jimenez does what she does best, which is taking my heart out of my body, stomping on it and making me enjoy it. Holly is a hospice nurse who is helping her grandmother at the end of her life when an accidental love note left on Holly’s car leads her to John. In such a short story, Jimenez made me care about Holly, her family and John. I cried, but I also smiled numerous times and felt like Holly was exactly who I would want to have as a friend. I’ve been in Holly’s position, taking care of a loved one as they move on from this world, and every detail rang true. This is an excellent addition to Abby Jimenez’s published work

Rosie and the Dreamboat by Sally Thorne is a silly, adorable story with unexpected depth. During what is supposed to be a relaxing, uneventful spa day, Rosie is not expecting to meet her future husband. However, when she gets stuck in a spa tank, fate steps in. Rosie is a strong, brave woman to look up to, and it’s easy to see why Leo, a fireman there for the rescue, would be the perfect guy for her. If you are triggered by small spaces, this one might be hard for you, but it’s really worth the read. 

For New Readers- Or Old Fans

Drop, Cover and Hold On by Jasmine Guillory is the first piece I’ve read by her. This is the reason I love anthologies — I get to discover new-to-me authors. Daisy is sure that the baker at her favorite bakery hates her, but she can’t pass up the delicious food. When an earthquake blocks her entrance out, she gets to find out just what the baker, Harris, is feeling. Guillory writing flows so well. There is some spice to heat up this story and it’s very well done. You can feel Harris and Daisy’s chemistry almost immediately. I was rooting for them! 

After Ashley Poston’s With Any Luck, I’m the one who is lucky to get to read this delightful story. A missing groom and a magical kiss lead to best friends Audrey and Theo reconnecting. I would love to read more about these characters in the future! 

Another new-to-me author is Sarah Wilson. I was immediately captivated by Royal Valentine. Princess Ilaria needs a break, sick of all the attention that comes with her title, so she asks to swap places with her PR girl, Anne. From there, the Princess happens upon Callum and the switched identity hijinks begin.  Callum and “Anne” had awesome chemistry and I was waiting for them to get together! The descriptions of Rome made me want to visit the city and see the Trevi fountain! Although I couldn’t relate to Ilaria’s problems, Sarah Wilson made them so understandable that I felt her heartbreak coming off of the pages. 

This whole collection was delightful and I’m excited to have so many backlist titles by these authors to look forward to. I would recommend The Improbable Meet-Cute to anyone who already loves these authors or anyone searching for new authors to obsess over.

Publish Date: January 23, 2024

Genre: Romance

Author: Christina Lauren, Abby Jimenez, Sally Thorne, Jasmine Guillory, Ashley Poston, Sariah Wilson

Publisher: Amazon Original Stories

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