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    Autobiography Follows a Path from Poverty to Faith to a Life in Public Service

    The Coppinville Experience: From Poverty to God’s Will by Frederick L. Hamilton

    What’s it About?

    Hamilton’s spiritual journey will resonate with readers of all backgrounds. His is a personal story that speaks universal truths: about love and grief, family and community. 

    “What has salvation meant to me? It has meant I have had many trials and tribulations, but God was with me making me stronger and better …  It has meant everything to me.”

    These words perfectly encapsulate the sentiment of Frederick L. Hamilton’s gripping autobiography, The Coppinville Experience: From Poverty to God’s Will.

    Born outside of Enterprise Alabama in 1964, Hamilton had a rough start in life. Not only was he born prematurely, but into poverty as well. But Hamilton and his brother did not define their lives by what they lacked — even after hauling water from their grandmother’s house to flush the toilet — but rather by the love they experienced in abundance.

    Part History Lesson, Part Biography

    Hamilton’s story begins long before his birth, with ancestors who were born into slavery. The book thoroughly explores Hamilton’s genealogy and family history, relying both on meticulous research and familial stories passed down over generations. Part history lesson, part biography, and part family timeline, Hamilton’s ancestry is instrumental in shaping his own story.

    His great-grandmother’s life is described as one of struggle, but she persevered and moved to the historic Coppinville community in order to make a better life for her daughter. Through his great-grandmother’s guidance, his family held education in high esteem, ultimately leading to Hamilton earning a doctorate.

    At an early age, Hamilton developed a powerful relationship with God and enjoyed participating at his local church, with encouragement from his family. While he was often found preaching to his family and neighbors as a young boy, he found his calling beyond the church, due to his childhood being cemented in faith. “I may have been too young to know, but everything going on in my life was God preparing me for His will for my life.”

    Hamilton felt God was calling him to help those facing circumstances similar to those he faced as a child. With his college degree, a drive to help others, and God’s guidance, he started his career in public service, where he worked tirelessly to help improve the lives of low-income persons across Alabama.

    Personal Story Details a Spiritual Journey

    The Coppinville Experience is a testament to one man’s undying faith and perseverance, proving that it’s not about how you start, but how you finish.

    The book portrays the importance of family, love and faith, revealing how much stronger we are thanks to the guidance and support of others. Hamilton’s autobiography is an intimate look at a life filled with success, but also rife with struggles, challenges and personal loss.

    Readers will experience an in-depth look at Hamilton’s day-to-day life, including aspects of both his professional and personal endeavors. Interspersed throughout are references to God, church and the Bible as Hamilton reflects on his many blessings, even in the darkest of times.

    Hamilton’s spiritual journey will resonate with readers of all backgrounds. His is a personal story that speaks universal truths: about love and grief, family and community. 

    The Coppinville Experience is a triumphant example of the power of faith, and will surely provide readers with countless inspiration for their own lives.

    Publish Date: 8/23/2023

    Genre: Biography, Memoir, Nonfiction

    Author: Frederick L. Hamilton

    Page Count: 260 pages

    ISBN: 9781662923203

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