Books & Looks Podcast: Echoes of the Blitz: Mike Hutton’s Journey Through Wartime Britain


Books & Looks: Real Books for Real Readers was started as a podcast to supplement Blaine Desantis’ website,, and expand into audio interviews with authors.

With Books & Looks, Blaine’s goal is to focus on real books that real people will read. At least half of the books he reviews are either new authors or unknown authors that many in the general public are unaware of. After a segment reviewing books or interviewing authors, Blaine ends each episode with a discussion of the movies and TV shows he is currently watching.

This Week’s Episode

Today, we’re joined by Mike Hutton, the author of “The Children of the 1940s.” Hutton, an 85-year-old Englishman, shares his unique experiences of growing up during World War II in London. He paints a vivid picture of British life during the war, highlighting the extensive rationing, the Morrison table, and the class distinctions that shaped living conditions. His journey from the textile industry to becoming a social historian and author, inspired by the likes of Hemingway and Faulkner, is a testament to his passion for capturing the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary times.

The discussion then pivots to post-war Britain, where Hutton provides insights into the nation’s gradual recovery and the political changes that followed. He contrasts the resilience and adaptability of his generation with that of modern children, offering an intriguing perspective on how today’s youth might cope with similar hardships. Join us for this journey into the past, as we explore the realities of wartime Britain and the indomitable spirit of its people.

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