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    Britney Spears’ Tell-All; Oprah’s Book Club Selection; Serena Williams’ Upcoming Books

    Powerful New Memoir is a Cultural Reckoning

    Britney Spears’ brave and astonishingly moving story is about freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith and hope. We were there for her triumphs, her failures, her embarrassment, her rage. We were there for almost everything, thanks to the paparazzi who hounded her day and night, but it’s only now, so many years later, that we’re allowed a glimpse into the private life of one of history’s greatest performers with her tell-all memoir, The Woman in Me.

    Jesmyn Ward Gets Nod From Oprah’s Book Club

    The wait is over; earlier this week on CBS Mornings, Oprah announced that her 103rd Book Club pick is Jesmyn Ward’s Let Us Descend. The novel tells the story of Annis, a young, enslaved woman who is separated from her mother and sold South. Traveling from the Carolina rice fields to the New Orleans slave markets to the harsh world of a Louisiana sugar plantation, Annis uncovers a hidden world of spiritual forces and African ancestor wisdom that help her survive the inhumanity she endures.

    Serena Signs for Memoir and Inspirational Work

    The memoir, which does not yet have a title, will be an “intimate” look at Williams’ childhood, life and tennis career, Penguin Random House said in a statement to the Guardian and the Associated Press. The book will delve into how Williams faced scrutiny and attacks on and off the court in a predominantly white and male-dominated sport.

    The second book, also currently untitled, will be an “inspirational” piece that “will offer rules for living that draw on her experiences as a philanthropist and advocate, and someone who has long sought to lift a diverse and emergent generation of young women whose aspirations are not confined to the court.”

    Elle Kennedy Talks Hockey, Heartbreak and Her New RomCom

    Canadian bestselling author Elle Kennedy’s upcoming release, The Graham Effect, the first book in her new Campus Diaries series, follows Gigi Graham as she trains to qualify for the women’s national hockey team, and needs the help of the grumpy, rude and handsome Luke Ryder.  We had the chance to chat with Elle about crafting her characters, what to expect from The Graham Effect, and what’s next for her in the creative world.

    Netflix Drops Teaser for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

    New Book From Chuck Tingle

    When Oscar-nominated scriptwriter Misha is pressured by his producers to kill off a gay character in his show’s upcoming season finale — “for the algorithm” — Misha discovers that it’s not that simple. As he is haunted by his past, and past mistakes, Misha must risk everything to find a way to do what’s right — before it’s too late. The book is scheduled for a July 2024 publication.

    Who Runs the World? Girls: 8 Women-Led International Thrillers

    Exclaiming the Point!

    In case you’re wondering why BookTrib chose to name its newsletter “The Exclamation Point!” (what’s that, you’re not?), well, we’d like to think it had something to do with the use of our fine-feathered “!” throughout literary history. Actually, it didn’t. But in a wonderful piece in The Millions, reference is made to everyone from Hemingway to Rushdie to Austen, all of whom broke down in one literary lapse or another to employ our pointed particle. Now that’s something to shout about.

    Enter to Win This Supernatural Romance

    The Anubis Chronicles: The Council by Y.G. Zaher

    Enter Here

    “I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.”
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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