Engaging Children with Fun, Easy-to-Understand Guide to SQL


SQL Quest: A Journey Through Data by Neha Saini

What’s it About?

“SQL Quest: A Journey Through Data” takes a difficult technical subject and makes it fun and understandable.

The passionate author Neha Saini opens her instructional book for 11-to-18-year-olds with the warm greeting, “Welcome, young reader, to the beginning of an exciting journey….”

But into the world of databases?

Saini’s new SQL Quest: A Journey Through Data covers what likely is a fascinating topic for some but an intricate and complicated one for many. Yet her writing conveys such enthusiasm, positivity and love for her subject I’m convinced she could pretty much get me to try anything, including a book that seamlessly, enjoyably and excitedly makes the SQL (Structured Query Language) relational database accessible to young readers and demonstrates how databases can be used to organize and manipulate information.

She calls SQL “an enchanting world” and can’t wait to tell us how it can work its magic.

Fun & Understandable

Just listen to the way she talks about her subject in a way to which we can relate: “Picture a huge library overflowing with countless books. Each book holds valuable information, and the librarian carefully organizes them to allow readers to easily find what they seek. In the world of technology, a database serves a similar purpose, acting as a virtual library of information.” Think of it as an organizing assistant.

Or: “Just as the world is filled with many colors, flavors and landscapes, so is the realm of databases teeming with variety.”

So why should someone learn SQL in the first place? Naini points out that it is a valuable skill, teaches problem-solving, helps with data literacy, and (she has to add) is fun and engaging. Real-world applications range include everything from online shopping to social media to banking.

While the instruction within is plentiful and easy to follow, Saini is a keen guide who understands how young minds might tend to wander. As such, she fills the book with exercises, challenges, puzzles and fun facts — like the one noting that the concept of databases dates back to the third century BCE to the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, in ancient times.

Inspiring Young Minds

As a technical manual, the book is comprehensive and thorough, covering everything someone would need to know about creating tables, inserting data, and reading and retrieving that data. Saini takes readers through the processes step by step, with clear definitions and a reference glossary in the back.

SQL Quest: A Journey Through Data takes a difficult technical subject and makes it fun and understandable. For children to get valuable information, presented in a way that makes them feel like they are playing a game or on an adventure, this is a book that we highly recommend.

Through her journey, Naini hopes to inspire young minds and make coding a delightful endeavor.

“Think of SQL,” writes Naini, “like a detective who asks questions and looks for clues to solve a mystery, just like a computer uses SQL to ask questions and look for information in a database.”

No more questions here — get this book!


About Neha Saini:

Neha Saini is a passionate author on a mission to make complex topics delightfully simple. With a master’s degree in computing systems from Georgia Tech and over 16 years of experience in the world of computer programming, she’s your guide to demystifying the digital realm. Originally from the colorful tapestry of India and now proudly rooted in the USA for the past 12 years, Neha carries the rich traditions of her homeland into her work.

She believes in the power of diversity and inclusion in technology and is a fervent advocate for girl empowerment. When she’s not typing away at her keyboard, Neha is often found exploring the great outdoors or enjoying the company of her family. Join Neha on a journey into the exciting world of coding made easy, and discover how she’s shaping the future, one line of code at a time.

Publish Date: 10/26/2023

Genre: Nonfiction

Author: Neha Saini

Page Count: 186 pages

ISBN: 9798988565567

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