Goodreads Choice Awards Winners, Plus Latest from Patterson, Cook, Kingfisher and More


Congress Introduces the “Fight Book Bans Bill”

Amidst the unprecedented surge of book bans in schools and public libraries this past year, a group of Democratic members of Congress introduced the “Fight Book Bans Act,” which would offer school districts funding to defend against the ongoing challenges to books and educational materials.

“Book bans in Florida and in states across the nation are a direct attack on our freedoms and liberties everywhere,” stated Florida Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost, who helped introduce the bill on December 5. “The Fight Book Bans Act takes a stand against censorship to firmly stand on the side of history, education, our students, teachers, and schools, who don’t deserve to suffer the consequences of radical politics in the classroom. This is about protecting our libraries and protecting truth and history.”

And the Winners Are…

The results are in for the Goodreads Choice Awards! Among the winners are some prominent titles such as Yellowface by R.F. Kuang, Hell Bent by Leigh Bardugo and Holly by Stephen King.

Check out our predictions and see how many we got right!

Latest from James Patterson

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — until now. Bestselling literary giant James Patterson shows the real Vegas in a dazzling journey through the city, transporting readers from the thrill of adrenaline-fueled vice to the glitter of A-list celebrity and entertainment.

“Manner of Death” by Robin Cook

In the new fast-paced medical thriller from New York Times bestselling author Robin Cook, fan favorites Jack and Laurie are inadvertently drawn into a dangerous vortex of a series of homicides that have been cleverly staged as suicides.

Latest in T. Kingfisher’s Saint of Steel Series

Marguerite is a spy whose former employer wants her dead. Shane is her far too good-looking paladin bodyguard with a martyr complex. Add in a brilliant artificer with a device that may change the world, a glittering and dangerous court, and a demon-led cult, and Shane and Marguerite will be lucky to escape with their souls intact, never mind their hearts…

Charismatic Choice for Word of the Year

Oxford University Press has named “rizz″ as its word of the year, highlighting the popularity of a term used by Generation Z to describe someone’s ability to attract or seduce another person. It topped “Swiftie” (an enthusiastic fan of Taylor Swift), “situationship” (an informal romantic or sexual relationship) and “prompt” (an instruction given to an artificial intelligence program) in the annual decision by experts at the publisher.

New Book Releases

Check out some of the highly anticipated books coming out this week!

6 Audiobooks for Book Lovers

Warrior Heroine Meets Brooding Commander in YA Fantasy Horror

Jude Maddox, Hand of Death and commander of the Knights of the Eternal Star, finds himself with a new recruit as spunky and sharp as they come — Kiara Frey, a fierce young woman with a past that haunts her. As Jude and Kiara are forced together, it becomes apparent that in Kiara, Jude may finally have met his match.

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Killer in a Winter Wonderland
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AuthorBuzz: Paranormal Romance and Giveaway for a Heartwarming Love Story

The Grave Robber by Darynda Jones

The Heirloom by Beverly Lewis

“When you lose yourself in a book the hours grow wings and fly.”
— Chloe Thurlow

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