If you love your grandma, there are so many ways you can show her: Hug her, share with her, keep her safe, help her, boost her courage, cheer for her, and tell her. The suggestions included here are totally doable for grandchildren, most being free, and feature ideas for both urban and rural dwellers: Share a seat with her on a city bus or press the walk button when crossing the street; share bugs found while gardening; fill the birdfeeder for her. The children and grandmothers pictured here are diverse, though each grouping shares a similar skin tone. One child uses a wheelchair, one grandmother-child duo uses hearing aids, one grandma uses a cane, many of the women wear glasses, and one wears a hijab. The grandmothers vary visibly in age; some are pictured as the stereotypical gray-haired grannies, while others appear younger and are clearly more physically able to keep up with their young grandchildren, but the common theme throughout is the joy both grandmothers and grandchildren share when they’re together; their bonds are both evident and strong.

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