Join R. M. Gray on the High Seas In Live Author Interview


We got a chance to talk to R. M. Gray, author of Nightweaver — a swashbuckling tale that combines the oceanic adventure of Pirates of the Caribbean with the Gothic atmosphere of Crimson Peak. The novel tells a story of romance, vengeance and a resolute family ready to take on anything … even the monsters that lurk in the deep.

Six hundred years after the Nightweavers claimed human lands for their own, the ocean is a haven for seventeen-year-old Violet and her family. Notorious pirates of the Western Sea, the Oberon clan are undefeated in battle — until an Underling murders Violet’s brother, and she discovers there are monsters more fearsome than the Nightweavers that have taken them captive. When the son of a wealthy Nightweaver shows Violet and her family mercy, offering employment at his estate rather than enslavement, Violet vows not to forget that he is everything she hates … But she soon finds out that hatred is a curious thing. Arrogant, entitled and right hand to the wicked prince, William Castor might be the key to avenging her brother — and reclaiming her freedom.

Watch to hear more about the world of Nightweaver, how R. M. Gray spends her days “thinking up new ways to break her readers’ hearts” — and how worried we are about what that means for Violet, William and the whole Oberon family!

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