4 Mid-Length Styles That Make Thin Hair Look So Much


Thin hair can be difficult to style. Trust me—I know. I’ve tried to make my naturally thin hair look thicker and fuller ever since I was in middle school and my mum let me get my hands on a hot tool. Since then, I’ve cycled through plenty of hairstyles, volumising products, and thickening techniques. Some have worked, but most haven’t. That’s okay. Somewhere along the way, I’ve learned to live and work with my naturally thin hair (sigh), and the style I choose to wear it in has a lot to do with that. For example, I’ve learned a slick-straight style doesn’t do my thin hair any favours, which is why I tend to go with tousled, textured waves instead. 

So yeah, I had my opinions on what hairstyles work best for my thin, medium-length hair, but I was wondering what experts would say on the matter. Was I potentially missing out on a hairstyle that could make my thin hair look thick and full? I decided to find out. Keep scrolling to see the best hairstyles for thin, medium-length hair, according to expert stylists. 

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