5 Expensive-Looking Party Outfits Styled by an Influencer


I’m not sure about you, but I can’t wait for party season. It’s the most wonderful time of year after all, and I love nothing more than getting into the festive spirit and celebrating with friends, colleagues and family. The only thing that’s tricky about this period though, is the expense. From gifting to a packed-out calendar of events, how do we spread the cheer and generosity as well as feel like our best selves without spending a fortune? 

So it might be no surprise that as a fashion editor, I’m asked time and again for recommendations for affordable partywear—pieces that you’ll wear beyond Christmas and New Year, and that appear far more expensive than they are. For its reliability and timeless approach to design, George at Asda is a solid go-to. This season seems stronger than ever, with the autumn collection offering cosy knitwear, classic coats and an array of denim in contemporary cuts.

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