8 Autumn Trends French Women Won’t Ever Wear


I spent a significant amount of my time studying the wardrobes of French women: what they wear to weddings, which jeans they prefer, the brands they regularly shop and so on. However, I’ve decided to approach this article with a different tack.

With a discernible chill in the air, right now, my mind is hardwired to think only of autumn and what I’m going to wear (and temporarily discard) for the season ahead. And that got me to thinking—instead of focussing on the trends French women will wear, I wanted to find out which autumn trends they’ll be passing on. Because that will tell me a lot about the current French aesthetic.

We’ve already outlined the trends for autumn 2022 in our trend report, which covers all the noteworthy looks you need to know. However, if you’re short on time, we’ll sum it up—they’re somewhat eclectic. The bold and daring ensembles on one runway were balanced out by sleek tailoring and neutral palettes on another, which certainly made for interesting viewing. It also means that this season is perhaps more divisive than any other—you’re either in one fashion camp or another.

Always eager to get a Gallic girl’s fashion perspective, I asked eight French women which autumn trends they personally will and won’t be wearing this season. Whether you agree with their choices or not is entirely up to you—there’s no right or wrong way to interpret this season’s looks. I just thought it would be interesting to find out what these knowledgeable French fashion types are gravitating towards when it comes to autumn’s top trends. If you think like I do, scroll on to see what they said. 

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