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    9 Pieces Later, and You’ve Got the Perfect Cold-Weather Capsule

    “Hate” is a strong word, which is why I never use it lightly. In fact, there are only two instances in which I can say it with conviction. One is regarding bananas. (I’ll never understand how anyone can eat them.) The other? Being cold. I hate being cold. However, one thing I do like is dressing for the cold.

    Curating an outfit for sub-zero conditions is often regarded as one of the biggest fashion dilemmas going. But with a bit of advice from yours truly, you can take on the elements with all the knack of a pro snowboarder but with all the sartorial prowess of a pro street styler.

    Be it a cable-knit, a roll-neck or one of Zara’s latest hits, jumpers are a winter-style given. Keep scrolling to see the unexpected but also the best cold-weather clothing I swear by. How do I know? Because I live in Scotland, I pull these items out of hibernation every year as soon as the centigrade drops. No need to thank me, but should you feel so inclined, please don’t do so with banana bread. 

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