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    All the Iconic Outfits from ‘Laguna Beach’ You Probably Forgot

    To celebrate how Laguna Beach influenced fashion trends back in the ’00s, we’ve gathered a roundup the most iconic outfits from the showthat you probably forgot about. This list mostly focuses on Seasons 1 and 2, since most fans agree Season 3 just wasn’t the same without Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari.

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    1 When Lo Planned the Black and White Party

    It’s still incredible that Lauren was just a teen here.

    2 When Everyone Took This Trip to M.A.C

    Makeup fans can relate to this one: Walking into M.A.C, pretending you wanted to buy something, and instead getting a free makeover.

    3 When Jessica Got Confused About Cabbage

    A hilarious moment in television, made all the more powerful thanks to Kristin’s signature choker.

    4 When Trey Wore…Whatever This Is

    It’s still confusing us all these years later.

    5 When Stephen Busted Out His Fashion Bracelet

    Massive leather bracelets were in back then!

    6 When Lo Wore a Knee-Length Denim Skirt

    This one is still on trend.

    7 When the Whole Crew Dressed Appropriately for Cabo

    Lauren was committed to spring break-appropriate beachwear.

    8 When Lauren Double Layered Tanks

    An era where jeans were so low that tank tops had to do all the work for them.

    9 When Trey Wore a Tiny Baby Belt on His Arm

    This one is truly bizarre.

    10 When Everyone Dressed Up for Prom

    Since everyone is so obsessed with aughts style, it’s only a matter of time before giant plastic hair flowers make a comeback.

    11 When Morgan Wore This V. Sensible Camping Outfit

    Remember the trucker hat trend?

    12 When Lauren Busted Out Khaki Peddle-Pushers to Sit in a Sink

    Most people haven’t used the term “peddle-pushers” since 2002.

    13 When Stephen Felt the Need to Wear His Sunglasses Under His Hat

    Yet another look you probably won’t see today.

    14 When Lauren Wore This ‘Sesame Street’ Shirt for Graduation

    Not the dressiest look for a graduation.

    15 Everything About Lauren’s Beach Look

    The thick-strap halter swimsuit? The skinny strap tank top? The bell bottom jeans? The square sunglasses? It’s all so 2000s.

    16 When Trey Wore This Hat

    Trey had quite the hat collection back in the day.

    17 When Stephen Wore a Double Grommet Belt

    Giving big Hot Topic vibes.

    18 When Lauren Wore a Scarf in the Middle of Summer

    All in the name of fashion!

    19 When Kristin Wore This Pink Lace Cami

    The chances are high that this look is from Abercrombie & Fitch.

    20 And When She Wore These UGGs 21 When Talan Wore a Von Dutch Shirt

    The only thing that came close back then was Ed Hardy.

    22 When Stephen Attempted a Popped Collar 23 When Kristin Wore a Sweater Vest as a Shirt

    Not her best style choice.

    24 When Alex Wore This Terry Cloth Cardigan

    Terry cloth cardigans are one trend we’re happy hasn’t come back yet.

    25 When Kristin Went to Cabo

    The jersey tube top was a big hit with the Laguna Beach crew.

    26 When Taylor Wore This Shrug 27 When Talan Wore His Massive Diamond Earring

    It’s even bigger than the one Kim lost in the ocean.

    28 When the Whole Crew Went to Prom

    Seeing a lot of skirt ruffles happening here.

    29 When Lauren Wore These Earrings

    Now these are called statement earrings.

    30 When Dieter Wore His Sunglasses Over His Hat

    Another strange sunglasses-hat combo.

    31 When Casey Busted Out Her Pink Cardigan 32 When Trey Once Again Was Flawless

    The rimless glasses really take his look to another level.

    33 When Kristin and Heidi Teamed Up for a Fashion Show

    What would this look even be called today?

    It’s both a beanie and a backwards baseball cap.

    35 When Rocky Rocked Hair Extensions

    Someone was inspired by Ashlee Simpson’s “La La” era.

    36 And When She Wore a Scarf 37 When Kyndra Wore This Straw Cowboy Hat

    The hat is a lot, but it’s peak ’00s when you factor in the flip phone and square nail French manicure.

    38 When Jason Showed Up in Season 3

    And wore Ed Hardy, naturally.

    39 When Kyndra and Cami Did Spring Break

    A fashionable captain’s hat?

    40 And When They Tried to Find a Perfect Dress

    To quote Cami, “That’s not a dress. I will not let you go out like that.”

    41 When the Season 3 Boys Chilled at the Park

    Not very stylish, but very ’00s.

    42 When Chase Experimented with Fedoras

    Fedoras were everywhere back then.

    43 And When He Wore This Shirt

    It’s a peace sign, but it’s also an angel.

    44 And When He Did This to His Hair

    How much gel did this hairstyle take?

    Mehera Bonner Mehera Bonner is a celebrity and entertainment news writer who enjoys Bravo and Antiques Roadshow with equal enthusiasm, She was previously entertainment editor at Marie Claire and has covered pop culture for over a decade. 

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