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    Are These TikTok Styling Hacks Worth Giving a Try?

    Photography by and iStock. Graphic by Kayleen Dicuangco.

    #stylinghacks currently has 4.2B views on TikTok. But are these outfit tips just wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen?

    By Natalie Michie

    Date November 3, 2022

    You can always count on social media to provide trustworthy information and realistic visual portrayals. Just kidding! On TikTok alone, there’s a seemingly endless supply of questionable content — especially when it comes to fashion how-tos. From turning a basic button-down into a contorted chemise to getting oversized jeans to fit suspiciously well, it’s difficult to decipher which trending tutorials work in real life. “I think that with any hack, you just have to take it for what it is,” says McKenzie Crouch (@stylingwithkenzie), a stylist with over 300,000 followers on the app. “It’s a quick fix.” Here, she weighs in on which sartorial tricks are worth trying and which ones you’re better off simply scrolling past.

    The backwards button-down

    Description: This manoeuvre turns a classic button-down into an avant-garde blouse. Turn your top backwards and fold over the bottom so it’s twisted in the middle. Once both your arms are through, fasten the buttons in the back.

    Stylist’s verdict: Proceed with caution. “My concern is: Who the heck will button that up once you get it on? I don’t know if it’s possible to do it alone.”

    Ruched and resized jeans

    Description: Oversized denims? Fret not. For this trick, thread a shoelace or ribbon through the belt loops at the back of your jeans. Tie it in a bow tight enough to reach your desired waist fit.

    Stylist’s verdict: No — just no. “I am totally against this. If your pants don’t fit, it’s better to invest in a more tailored style than to try a hack that’s going to make the structure of the garment look distorted.”

    The sophisticated sweater wrap

    Description: Turn your hoodie into a preppy accessory by tying it diagonally across your chest. Rather than fastening it with a knot, fold the sleeves over each other, tucking in the extra flaps to create a sleek final look.

    Stylist’s verdict: Partially approved. “I like the style of fastening it in that direction, but it looks like it will come undone easily. I’d much rather use a regular knot than tucks and folds.”

    Covertly cropped blazer

    Description: Shorten your oversized blazer — no scissors required! Just flip the jacket upside down and wrap the bottom around your midsection. Fasten a belt around your waist and pull the hanging blazer upward.

    Stylist’s verdict: Uncomfortably enormous. “This jacket looks way too large for the person who’s wearing it. A cropped blazer is usually loosely fitted around the waistline, so wearing it like this may make you appear boxy. My advice is to invest in an actual cropped style.”

    This article first appeared in FASHION’s November issue. Find out more here. 

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