How to Use Boob Tape to Make Your Outfits Look Polished


For a natural, lifting effect that will sit well underneath a deep v-neck dress simply adhere the tape to bottom of the breast, lifting it slightly, before taping down at the top. If, like me, you’ve been waiting to style a strapless dress this season, use the boob tape to conceal your nipples, or adhere it from armpit to armpit to help you achieve a lifted, yet comfortable, finish—sans strapless bra.

For extra precision, cut your boob tape lengthways to make smaller adjustments, and play around with positioning to ensure you find a comfortable finish. On removal, take the top of the tape and gently pull it down, using baby oil if needed to release the glue. For added comfort, consider applying nipple covers pre tape-application, as this can be the most sensitive area to remove the tape from.

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