I Got Lip Filler for the First Time—Here’s Everything You

I Got Lip Filler for the First Time—Here’s Everything You

I Got Lip Filler for the First Time—Here’s Everything You

Being aware of the complications that could potentially derive from the treatment really drives home the importance of finding a qualified and experienced provider. When looking for a practitioner, I had two main goals. First, to find someone with a medical background, and second, to find someone whose values and aesthetic principles aligned with my own. 

I knew I wanted to find a practitioner who could advise me based on my face and unique proportions, and this was also something Bukorovic did extensively throughout the process. “A practitioner who says no or advises you against something is worth their weight in gold,” she told me. “It’s a good sign they they’re not in it for financial gain and respect your face.” We also aligned over our shared appreciation for a subtle result. “I’m all about detaching the stigma around lip filler,” she explained during my initial consultation. “You shouldn’t notice good filler, and that’s my approach to my treatments.”

I was drawn to Bukorovic’s preference for a natural effect and also to the fact that she is an experienced medical practitioner. Because there is no officially recognised qualification or standardised training for cosmetic treatments, it can be hard to figure out if someone is truly qualified to offer lip filler. “This is why I would only look for injectors with a medical background and reputable training history that can look after you should complications arise,” she advises. “Anyone who is medical will have done medical-only training and have a much greater understanding of anatomy and complications management.”

In terms of what to avoid when looking for a lip filler provider, this list is extensive. “Firstly, avoid anything that seems too cheap or too good to be true—lots of discounts and promotions can be a red flag,” says Bukorovic. “And stay away from new filler brands with overly glossy marketing, as they’re likely to not have FDA approval or clinical trials behind its use.” She also adds that providers offering packages or celebrity-inspired looks should be avoided. “I’d always go for someone who is offering a bespoke service. That way you know they’re going to assess your face and unique features and not give you lips, chin, and jaw and because you have purchased a celebrity package.”

Above all, she advises looking at the practitioner themselves. “I don’t believe in giving treatments you wouldn’t have yourself, but you ideally want to look for someone who has struck the right balance with this,” she says. “Consider what their face is like and if it’s overfilled. This is the best way to ensure they align with your own aesthetic ideals.”

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