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    I’m Calling It—These Sandals Are Going to Be the Shoes

    As a shopping expert who’s worked in this industry for almost a decade, I have a not-so-hidden talent for being able to predict a trend, and I’m 99.9% sure these sandals are going to be big. Like, huge. Mainly because caged, or fisherman, sandals have been gaining popularity among the fashion crowd for a few years now (unsurprisingly thanks to The Row and its coveted pair). But this is their year, and they’re even popping up on the high street, too. 

    As the double-strap sporty sandal loses momentum, we need another androgynous style that feels fresh and fulfills the role of balancing out all our pretty dresses, floaty skirts and wide-leg trousers. Enter Gucci’s Elektra, which, compared to Chanel’s Velcro canvas sandals, are so beautifully made in the most expensive-looking buttery leather (okay, maybe just expensive) with that timeless horse-bit detailing. They’re a ready-made classic you’ll turn to again and again—a summer version of the brand’s iconic loafers.

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