Mango’s Black Friday Sale 2023: What Editors Are Buying


Hands up if you find Black Friday (and general sales) shopping pretty stressful. With you, I stand in solidarity. Even though it’s basically my job to shop for a living, unearthing pieces you like in your size that are still in stock in the middle of a markdown can be difficult. In the past, I’d find it hard to discern whether I really want something or if I’m just buying it because it’s on sale. This, however, is no longer an issue for me.

I’m the sort of person who makes use of the wish-listing function offered on many digital fashion destinations, where you can “heart” pieces as you scroll, and poof! They assemble in a little tab just for you. The moment a sale hits, this is where I head to, to see if items I’ve genuinely loved in the past are still available with the discount. So, seeing as Black Friday is upon us, I thought, why not peruse my Mango wish list and see what offers the brand has? Needless to say, imagine my delight when I discovered that almost everything I had archived was in the sale. 

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