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    Matilda Djerf Told Us How To Get Her Scandinavian Style

    Photography courtesy of Mejuri

    Step 1: build a wardrobe of “perfect basics.” Step 2: add jewellery.

    By Annika Lautens

    Date November 7, 2022

    Chances are, if you’re on fashion TikTok, your feed has been filled with the same three things: button-down shirts, relaxed black pants, and oversized blazers (and maybe adidas Gazelles). And trust us when we say no one wears them better than Scandinavian-style icon and content creator Matilda Djerf.

    Considered the face of popular Gen Z aesthetics like “clean girl,” “coastal grandmother,” and “Scandi-girl,” the 25-year-old Swede has become the Internet’s most beloved muse. She’s inspired such videos as “girls don’t want boys, they want Matilda Djerf’s hair” and has culminated 2.8 million Instagram followers and 224.3 million views on TikTok under the hashtag #matildadjerf in the process. This outpouring of love for Djerf’s enviable personal style has also resulted in her own wildly popular and often-waitlisted clothing line Djerf Avenue and an abundance of collaborations, the most recent of which is with Canada’s-own accessible jewellery brand Mejuri.

    This November, Mejuri joined forces with three female creators — Djerf, skateboarder Briana King and author Nadya Okomoto — to launch the Collectibles 2.0 and Creators collection, a series of unique charms and pendants that, according to the brand, “celebrate the art of individuality and the uninhibited attitude of self-expression.” With Mejuri and Djerf both known and loved for their minimalist approach to design, the pairing sounds pretty perfect.

    But how does one begin to achieve that elusive Matilda Djerf Scandinavian style? We asked the content creator and designer herself. Here, we break down the “Scandi-girl” aesthetic, the important role of jewellery and the inspiration behind her Mejuri motif.

    How would you describe your personal style?

    I approach fashion with comfort in mind. I love mixing feminine with masculine styles and focusing on basics that offer versatility. Then I love mixing in special vintage items.

    So then how would you define Scandinavian style?

    I would describe Scandinavian style as minimalistic, simple, sharp and comfortable.

    What would you say is the quintessential “Scandi girl” uniform?

    Denim, a white tee or white button-up shirt and a classic blazer.

    What’s your secret to making a plain white tee look so chic?

    It’s all about styling! I love spicing it up with accessories

    How do you approach buying and styling jewellery?

    Jewellery for me is a way of adding that little extra oomph to a basic outfit. I love my everyday jewellery, but sometimes I like to let the jewelry do the talking and go for more of a statement piece.

    Walk me through how your collaboration with Mejuri came about. Have you always been a fan?

    I have worked with and been a fan of Mejuri for a long time, so it felt very natural to take this next step when they reached out to me with the idea.

    The matching tattoo you got with your best friend inspired your Mejuri Sun Charm Pendant. What’s the story behind the tattoo, and why did you decide to translate it into jewellery?

    Matilda Djerf Scandinavian style mejuri charm necklace Photography courtesy of Mejuri

    When I teamed up with Mejuri to create my own charm, I knew it had to be the sun pendant. In high school, my friends and I got matching best friend tattoos, and I see this as a little reminder for myself, and anyone else wearing it, that you’re never alone.

    Why do you think Scandinavian style is so trendy right now?

    I think people want to invest more in perfect basics so they can create a timeless wardrobe.

    Any advice for someone looking to adopt Matilda Djerf Scandinavian style?

    Comfort is key and quality over quantity. Invest in fewer but better items that can be styled with each other, because a small amount of really great pieces that work together will go a long way. I designed the core collection for Djerf Avenue to be the perfect staple wardrobe.

    What are 5 of your wardrobe staples?


    Matilda Djerf Sun Charm Pendant

    ($98, Mejuri)

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