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    Teyana Taylor Hilariously Hops Up the Met Gala Steps in

    Sometimes, fashion requires sacrifice, and Teyana Taylor went all in for the 2023 Met Gala. For several celebrities attending the fashion event on May 1, this meant wearing constricting outfits and holding their pee during the entirety of the event. For Taylor, it also meant relinquishing the ability to lift her feet more than a few centimeters. Still, she did look incredible in a structured tweed dress with plunging hip cutouts by Thom Browne.

    An ode to Lagerfeld, the dress resembled a tweed blazer layered over a floor-length skirt with a miniature train and elaborate ties on either side. The top of the piece created the illusion of a white button-up with a pressed collar and a black tie tucked beneath the blazer. She styled the outfit with black sunglasses, glittering Grace Lee jewelry, and a rosette handbag stuffed with Chick-fil-A chicken and waffle fries.

    “On Monday’s we address her as Petunia Lagerfeld,” Taylor captioned photos of herself at the event on Instagram. “Assignment OVERSTOOD! @thombrowne you stole the night you f*cking genius. Thank you for everything. RIP TO THE BELOVED KARL LAGERFELD. I hope we did you proud!”

    While making her way up the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s impressive staircase, Taylor required help from an assistant who acted as a counterbalance as the actor hopped — both feet in the air — up each individual step. Between the steps, Taylor had to shuffle her heels forward, clinging firmly to her assistant as she planned the trajectory of her landing.

    As arduous as the journey was, Taylor made it look like a breeze. She even paused to pose with a hand on her waist halfway up, showing off the dress’s gorgeous hip cutouts. So what exactly was the star thinking as she continued her trek to the top of the staircase? “I’ve got to pee,” she told Essence. Luckily for the paparazzi, the constricting ensemble and mother nature calling didn’t stop her from doing a quick shimmy dance for the cameras.

    Admire Taylor’s commitment to the Met Gala assignment ahead and see more of our favorite Met Gala outfits here.

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