This Is Where Our Editors Plan on Buying Their Chunky


Luckily for us, it doesn’t seem like chunky boots are going anywhere anytime soon. Year after year, they come back stronger than ever—so much so that we’re pretty sure they’ve officially transitioned from a trend into a classic wardrobe staple.

As you can probably tell from all our Instagram photos and WTBYB shoots, we Who What Wear editors are big fans of the chunky boot in all its iterations. Ankle, knee-high, lace-up—you name it. Maybe we love them so much because they’re just so versatile. Throw them on with your favourite full-length jeans, cropped jeans, mini skirt or midi dress, and they’ll upgrade the most basic of looks instantly. You can even wear them with your summer dresses to carry them straight into autumn. Plus, they’re practical, and we love it when form and function meet in the sartorial middle.

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