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    This Will Be the Month of Self-Pleasure, According to Your

    June is here, and it’s about damn time to wake up the hot girl summer vibes…right? Well, technically yes, but if turning up the heat has been a chore during, say, an outright war on reproductive rights, you’re not alone. Stress and anxiety spell, “Sorry, babe, I’m just not in the mood.”

    But hang on a minute here! Disconnecting from your sexual pleasure centers comes at a steep cost. Less orgasming also means reducing the deeply healing benefits that women can use right now. Consider, the other “o” in the mix: oxytocin, aka the hormone that floods your pleasure center during climax, reducing stress and even helping with insomnia. Orgasms stimulate brain activity and release the human growth hormone, turning back the clock on the aging process.

    Shall we go on?

    We recommend that you rise from your seat, turn on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Plan B,” and gochargeyourRabbitrightnow. If you have a willing partner, feel zero obligation to include them in every aspect of your reawakening. During the month of June, sensual Venus is in tactile Taurus, while lusty Mars is cruising through independent Aries, making this The Month of Pleasing Yourself.

    And while we’re on the subject, we’ve got some astrohacks for getting the pleasure party started for every Sun sign. (You’re welcome!)

    For the AP students out there, our free guide The Astrology of Love and Sex explains how the placement of Venus and Mars in your natal chart (the map of where all the planets were when you were born) can be used to raise the temperature even higher. Download it here.


    Get your hair shampooed with a scalp massage (seriously), or spend a few bucks on a scalp massager. And not just because Aries rules the head. These rubdowns decrease anxiety and boost happiness—a recipe for feeling a lot sexier.


    Turn your shower into a sexy spa, pampering yourself with slow touch as you exfoliate with a body scrub, squeeze some slippery soap onto a loofah, and bring in the waterproof toys.


    Pause your podcasts and try listening to some mood music. Sounds wake up the Gemini mind, so stimulate something in your animal brain instead of just your intellectual one.


    The fastest way to your big O may be like everything else for a Cancer—through your stomach. Fill up the menu with aphrodisiac ingredients like raw cacao or antioxidant-rich strawberries and watermelon, which increase blood flow.

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    Set up the tripod (or, hell, lean your phone on the bookcase). It’s time to learn your angles from a new angle, with a sexy self-portrait shoot. No apologies for loving yourself, Leo!


    Sleep naked—and spend a whole day fully undressed. As a “pure and natural” earth sign, you like stripping down to the basics. Even better? Clothing-free moments lead to body positivity for you.


    Inhale scents that evoke adventurous experiences for you. Burn the same candle that you did during a wildly experimental phase in your life. Spray your sheets with a cologne that your best-ever lover used to wear. (The scents of lavender, pumpkin pie, and licorice are known turn-ons.)


    Accessorize with vibrating panties or a choice device. Yes, you do love a secret, Scorpio, and turning yourself on while you’re strolling through Whole Foods unlocks a whole other level of thrill.


    You’re the zodiac’s nerdiest nympho, which should be a point of pride. Reading steamy literature gets your imagination flowing. Once properly stimulated, you might even venture to author a piece or two yourself.


    Lift weights or take a HIIT class. You love your workouts, Capricorn, and that includes getting in the mood. These exercises boost testosterone, which in turn elevates your sex drive. Just in case you needed another reason to pump some iron.


    Just breathe…through your nose, that is, which brings more oxygen in and helps your body to relax. As an air sign, that flow can be particularly stimulating, and once you’re relaxed, bring the breath all the way down to your pelvic floor, which can wake up your nether regions.


    Give yourself a foot massage (or let someone give you one). Not only is this the body part your sign rules, but with 7,000 nerve endings in your feet, a good rub can wake up areas further north.

    Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins), have been‘s official astrologers for over a decade. They are the authors of several astrology books, including their popular yearly horoscope guides, and have read charts for celebrities including Beyonce, Karlie Kloss and Emma Roberts. For their spot-on predictions, books and online courses, visit them at

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