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    Victoria Beckham Pokes Fun at Her Famous Way of ‘Smiling’

    Victoria Beckham has a very distinctive look when she walks the red carpet: sleek, elegant, modern—and absolutely stone-faced. Beckham figured out what her best angles were at a very young age and she’s stayed committed to them throughout her transformation from Posh Spice to beauty and fashion mogul. She’s also retained a sense of humor.

    In a new advertisement promoting the release of a “Cheeky Posh” cream blush stick for Victoria Beckham Beauty, Beckham makes fun of her iconic face posing.

    In the clip, which she posted to Instagram, Beckham wears a green silk maxi dress on a pink couch, and holds a compact mirror to partially cover her face while chatting with the viewers.

    “People talk a lot about me,” she muses. “About my style, about my family, about my business. But you know what I like most about me?”

    She snaps shut the compact and deadpans into the camera, “My smile.”

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    What smile is that? If you don’t get it from the video, here’s another reminder:

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    Beckham has been making appearances everywhere to talk up her blush stick, including a visit to Good Morning America where she was asked by George Stephanopoulos about “marriage wisdom.” She and soccer star David Beckham have been married for 22 years.

    “Oh my goodness, marriage wisdom, you know, I don’t know,” she said. “We’re very supportive of each other. Um, he’s an incredible dad, um, and a wonderful husband, and we have a lot of fun…We support each other in everything that we do. But it’s about having fun, enjoying that person’s company, I genuinely love being with him. Which is good!”

    She added, “After all these years.”

    The couple’s eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, recently became engaged to his fiancée Nicola Peltz. In an interview with WSJ Magazine, Victoria Beckham said she’s not be sharing any of that marriage wisdom with the affianced pair.

    “There’s nothing worse than someone giving advice,” she said. “I remember Geri Halliwell saying to me, ‘When you get a TV, you get a TV manual. But when you have a baby there’s no manual. You just got to figure that [expletive] out for yourself.’

    “That’s the truth. I’ve always been lucky that I’ve got a strong family unit, not just with David and the kids but with my parents and David’s parents. I feel very blessed that I have that. The kids always come first to me and David.”

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