Victoria Beckham Styled a Black Dress With Fishnet Tights


Victoria Beckham‘s new favourite accessory is an unexpected yet classic item you might already have tucked away at the bottom of a draw. An avid fan of an all-black-ensemble, Beckham has been known to fall back on a black-dress-and-shoes combo time and again, so we weren’t surprised to see her wearing a smart evening look in her favourite shade this week. What did catch our eye, however, was her subtle styling of something surprising that you can buy from Marks & Spencer or H&M for only £10.

For an evening out in New York, Beckham dressed up her black, flute-sleeved maxi dress and peep-toe shoes with a pair of fishnet tights. For their associations with old-Hollywood movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe, and an enduring popularity which traces back to the 1920s, fishnet tights are a hosiery staple that never really go out of style, though we never really seem wear them. Their popularity has surged during certain periods, and thanks to VB, right now seems like it’s about to be one of those times. Perhaps it’s because of the ‘90s revival that continues to dominate fashion, but we predict fishnet tights will be the latest accessories trend to take off this season.

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