11 Celeb Couples Who Didn’t Like Each Other At First


In his Apple TV+ documentary Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie, Michael said, “One day, we broke for lunch. After lunch, we picked up where we left off. The moment she said her first line, I detected a hint of garlic and sensed an opportunity to have a little fun at her expense. ‘Whoa, a little scampi for lunch, babe?’ At first, she said nothing. Her expression didn’t even change. But looking me dead in the eyes, she said slowly, ‘That was mean and rude, and you’re a complete and total fucking asshole.'”

He was surprised. He continued, “Nobody talked to me that way. This woman was completely unintimidated by whoever I thought I was. A pig is a pig no matter how many hit movies he’s just had…She was joking, but I didn’t get it because no one would ever joke with me like that. I was not the butt of any jokes. She just poked through that, like, you’re a scared little kid and I’ll just call you out. In that moment, I fell in love with her.”

They started dating while working on Bright Lights, Big City two years later, and they got married in 1988.

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