13 Out-Of-Touch And Privileged Celeb Quotes


She continued, “We’ve fallen into the trap of saying it’s impossible for everybody. I was brought up to believe owning your home is the be all and end all, and in a way, I still believe that…it’s about where you can buy, not if you can buy. There is an issue around the desire to make those sacrifices.”

Kirstie reportedly had financial help from her family to buy her first house at a time when the average cost of a house in the UK was £51,000, but she made these comments at a time when that average cost was up to £255,556.

In response to a critic on Twitter, she reportedly said, “Either you think I’m an out-of-touch rich bitch who doesn’t get how hard it is to buy a home in many parts of the UK or you don’t. The Times can twist things as much as they want, but in the end, it’s down to whether you believe in my empathy, understanding, and experience or not.”

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