15 Times People Were Staring A Celeb Straight In The


This week, Brooklyn Beckham — son of David and Victoria Beckham — was approached by a TikToker who does the “What Do You Do For A Living?” series. In the video — where he is not recognized as a famous person — he answers, “I’m a chef.”

It got me thinking about other times celebs were not recognized by non-famous folks. Here are 14 more of those instances:

1. When Jennifer Lopez returned to her old stomping grounds and even to her old childhood home — and the resident didn’t know who she was:

Jennifer Lopez visited her childhood home and told the Guyanese uncle that now lives in it that she used to live there… big uncle turn and ask she “YOUS WHO?”

07:07 PM – 20 Mar 2021

JJ Shorts / Via youtube.com

2. When Kesha asked Jerry Seinfeld for a hug and he had no idea who she was and said no:

WATCH: Kesha asks Jerry Seinfeld for a hug and Jerry, who doesn’t recognize her, says no….several times.

08:37 PM – 06 Jun 2017

@yashar / WUSA9 / Via Twitter: @yashar

3. When Jay-Z took the subway to a performance in Brooklyn and sat next to a woman who had never heard of him:

4. When Drake was at a party and was asked, “Who invited you to this party?” He responded, “Myself?”

โคตรซิกคอม ให้บอกหนังที่Jennifer Lawrence แสดงมา5เรื่อง แต่คุณพี่ผู้หญิงบอกว่าถ้าเป็นJennifer Aniston ฉันตอบได้แน่ แล้วก็พากันพูดเรื่องJennifer Aniston ตบท้ายด้วยการบอกว่ากู Jennifer Lawrence 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555

11:41 PM – 25 Jul 2022

ABC / Via youtube.com

6. When Floyd Mayweather was getting a haircut and a woman there kept telling him she doesn’t know who he is:

View this video on YouTube

Yam Star / Via youtube.com

7. When Selena Gomez met a fan’s dad and he didn’t know her name:

8. When Zendaya met a fan’s mom and she thought she was an actor from 13 Reasons Why:

sempre bom relembrar esse vídeo da zendaya sendo confundida com uma atriz de 13 reasons why

07:59 PM – 09 Jan 2022

@netoluizh / Via Twitter: @netoluizh

9. When Chanel West Coast got denied from a club because they didn’t know who she was:

View this video on YouTube

youtube.com / Via TMZ

11. And then not recognized by this crew right after:

12. When Dua Lipa asked this man, “Do you know who Dua Lipa is?” on a Kimmel skit:

13. When a security guard didn’t recognize Usain Bolt at the Champs in Jamaica event and shut the gate on him:

14. And lastly, the most shocking of all, when these dancers Beyoncé flew out did not know her name!!!

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