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    27 “Inventing Anna” Behind-The-Scenes Facts Straight From Julia Garner And

    1. First, Julia Garner knew about Anna Delvey from Jessica Pressler’s original article in The Cut from 2018, and she had a feeling it would be turned into a movie or TV show someday.

    2. And even though she knew she could take on the role of Anna, Julia Garner never thought she would actually be cast to play the role.

    4. Julia Garner didn’t have a traditional audition for Inventing Anna. Instead, the audition process consisted of her having a meeting with Shonda Rhimes.

    5. Similarly, Anna Chlumsky was called into a general meeting with Shonda and executive producer Betsy Beers, but Anna thought Inventing Anna had already been cast.

    6. Julia Garner revealed that one of the best things about working on this show was getting to “know and experience the writing from Shondaland and Shonda Rhimes, specifically.”

    7. And similarly, Anna Chlumsky loved becoming part of the “Shondaland family” and working with actors, writers, and directors who Shonda Rhimes trusts and keeps bringing back for other projects.

    8. Before filming began, Julia Garner visited the real Anna “Delvey” Sorokin in prison, and Julia said she was surprised at just how “charming” and “likable” Anna really is.

    9. Jessica Pressler, who wrote the original The Cut article about Anna Delvey, was a producer on the series and attended every table read for every episode.

    10. Vivian Kent is a fictionalized version of Jessica Pressler, and Anna Chlumsky made the decision to not match Jessica’s physicality but simply use her “essences” to build a new character.

    11. In fact, Anna Chlumsky chose not to mirror Jessica Pressler too much because she loved that Jessica’s written work was what was being matched on screen.

    12. Anna Chlumsky studied Jessica Pressler’s notes and interviews she conducted while researching the real Anna “Delvey” Sorokin.

    13. To get Anna Delvey’s accent down, Julia Garner learned how to do German and Russian accents, then layered the two together.

    14. After getting the German and Russian accents down, Julia Garner made sure to include some American speaking habits, which the real Anna “Delvey” Sorokin would’ve picked up while living in NYC.

    15. Some of the toughest scenes for Julia Garner to film were the conversations between Anna Delvey and Vivian at the prison. Julia said she felt “very fortunate that it was Anna Chlumsky alongside [her].”

    16. Meanwhile, Anna Chlumsky agreed that the prison chats opposite Julia Garner were some of the most intense moments to film, but they were some of her favorites because she loves when two characters just get to talk on screen.

    17. And Anna Chlumsky’s favorite Anna and Vivian scene was when Vivian brings Anna the finished article to read. She said it was a really enjoyable scene to film, but also to watch as a fan.

    18. The scene Anna Chlumsky is most proud of when looking back at the whole series is when Vivian gives birth. It’s the first time Anna had to do a labor scene on screen and she said it was “emotional.”

    19. One of the qualities Julia Garner brought to the role after meeting the real Anna “Delvey” Sorokin was her ability to switch from being “really dark” to “really light” very quickly.

    20. What makes Inventing Anna different from other shows is that Shonda and the writing team chose to include a lof of their characters’ lives outside of work, which made all of their characters more three-dimensional.

    21. In fact, Anna Chlumsky loved that Shonda Rhimes left “no stone unturned” when diving into Vivian’s backstory and that she showed how difficult it was for Vivian to maintain her career while also having her first child.

    22. Jeff Perry, Anna Deavere Smith, Terry Kinney, and Anna Chlumsky, aka the “Scriberia” journalist group, would play theater games together between scenes.

    23. The Scriberia group were used as comedic relief in some places throughout Inventing Anna, but Anna Chlumsky also loved how they highlighted Vivian’s love of journalism and how she was learning to trust people again.

    24. Some of Anna Chlumsky’s favorite scenes were anytime Maud, Lou, and/or Barry defended Vivian, because it showcased how friendships work in real life.

    25. Jeff Perry and Anna Chlumsky worked for hours on their scene together in the series finale when Vivian reveals she cares about Anna Delvey. The scene involved going really big at first and then finding a more subtle way to show Vivian’s internal emotions.

    26. Vivian and Todd’s scenes together were some of the cast and crew’s favorites because they really showcased human connection and how so much can go unsaid between two people who work together day after day.

    27. And finally, when all was said and done, Julia Garner actually played the role of Anna Delvey for nearly two years, and she said she “grew an attachment to her.”

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