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    50 Cent Apologizes To Madonna Following Her Message

    50 Cent shared a mesage for Madonna after she said that she’s been offended. Check out what happened below.

    ‘Bruh even if it was a sarcastic apology, it’s more than any black woman he’s ever gotten into it with has gotten,’ The Shade Room noted.

    Somoene said: ‘He “never means to hurt anyone’s feelings” HE JUST ALWAYS DOES,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Awwww this the nicest apology I ever saw him wrote… shd the first apology I see u 50.’

    A follower said: ‘He really do be acting childish asf sometimes tho… no shade,’ and a commente rposted this: ‘Oh so he has manners when a white woman calls him out. Interesting.’

    Someone else said: ‘I think this the first time I’ve ever seen him apologize.’

    A follower said: ‘Lmaooo my guy basically said I’m sorry you feel a way but I said what I said,’ and a commenter said: ‘Wait so he can apologize to a white woman for hurting her feelings but what about the countless black women that he has attacked… it’s not passing the vibe check for me.’

    A fan said: ‘He is much nicer to white women. At first I thought Chelsea cause they used to date and now I see this.’

    One other follower posted this: ‘Lil Kim still waiting for an apology! 50 Cent can get away with disrespecting Black Women, while apologizing to Whitey!!!’

    Not too long ago, Jada Pinkett Smith   recently addressed her love life with  Will Smith   . Check out the post that she shared on her social media account that managed to trigger a lot of comments in the celebrity world.

    50 cent hopped online and had something to say about all this. take a look at his comment below.

    ‘Why she keep doing shit like this? it makes the relationship appear weak. first a entanglement now this, come on! WTF @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi,’ he said.

    Someone commented: ‘Will Smith need to leave her and realise he a Fresh Prince and she from a Different world !!!’ while another follower said this: ‘Love to Will Smith. This just ain’t right. No good reason for her to speak public about that stuff.’

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