Anne Hathaway Starred In ‘The Idea Of You’ For Fun


Anne Hathaway Starred In ‘The Idea Of You’ For Fun

The movie is due for release in May, and Anne plays Solène — a 40-year-old single mom who strikes up a relationship with a 24-year-old British boybander called Hayes Campbell, who is played by Nicholas Galitzine.

The story follows Solène and Hayes’s unconventional romance after a chance meeting at Coachella, with Solène struggling to adapt to the publicity that comes with dating one of the most famous and in-demand people on the planet.

The Idea of You is based on Robinne Lee’s 2017 novel of the same name, and Lee previously told Vogue that she was largely inspired by One Direction, particularly Harry Styles, when she was writing the book.

As a result, many admitted to being confused by Anne’s involvement in the adaptation, with it being widely suggested that the movie is beneath her. Reacting to the trailer on X shortly after its release, one person wrote: “The woman that did Les Mis is now doing a harry styles fan fiction… a step down for Anne Hathaway.”

But while Harry was the initial muse behind The Idea of You, the book’s author has always maintained that the overall focus of the story is Solène “rediscovering herself” in her 40s.

And Anne alluded to this as she opened up about why she accepted the role at the movie’s premiere at SXSW Film Festival on Saturday.

“I don’t want to be pigeonholed and don’t want to be placed in a box of what type of films I have to be making because of my age, gender, and because I won an Oscar,” she reportedly said. “I want to have fun, dammit. It speaks to me.”

And this comment ended up striking a chord with people, who took to social media to praise the actor for her refreshing honesty.

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