Ariana Madix Hasn’t Spoken To Brother Jeremy In Months – Is He Team Sandoval??


Ariana Madix may be lining up all of her financial ducks, but it sounds like she has trouble on the home front!

Her brother and fellow Vanderpump Rules star Jeremy Madix just spoke up in a podcast about their relationship post-Scandoval with a shocking admission: he has been estranged from his 38-year-old sister for the last few months! And his latest sighting, in which he appeared to hug Tom Sandoval, isn’t helping things!

So, first, the backstory: last week, a Bravo tea account on Instagram posted and then deleted a video clip taken at the premiere party for The Valley at Jax Taylor‘s bar in Studio City. Tom surprised everybody by showing up late to the shindig. And once there, the clip showed him hugging someone who had their back to the camera. But eagle-eyed VPR watchers knew immediately who it was: Jeremy!!

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Well, the IG vid may have since gotten scrapped, but the drama is only just kicking up. On Friday, Jeremy was the guest on the Pump Rules podcast. And as he no doubt expected, he was asked about the infamous hug with his sister’s controversial cheater ex-boyfriend!! But in his response, Jeremy actually dropped an even bigger revelation: he hasn’t spoken to Ariana in “months.” What?! He said:

“Obviously, I’m always going to stand by my sister, but yeah, I need to talk to Tom [about the hug]. I would love to talk to my sister, but I haven’t heard from her in months.”


Naturally, Jeremy was then grilled about whether he was actually the man who hugged the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman. Taking a page from Lala Kent‘s book about playing coy in controversy, he used the dust-up to tease the popular Bravo show:

“My lawyers always told me to shut the f**k up. You might be hallucinating, but we can find out if the world is hallucinating on season 12 [of VPR].”

LOLz! The self-promo game is so strong with the entire VPR crew. We know Lisa Vanderpump and Andy Cohen loooove that!

Jokes aside, Jeremy did weigh in on his formerly close connection to Sandoval, and how that was abruptly interrupted after Scandoval first hit the news just about a year ago now:

“Obviously, me and him need to have a conversation. There’s a lot of things that are left unsaid that I never got to say. People need to realize that I lived with both of them for a long time, so it affected me too. I lost a friend. I lost someone that was a mutual relationship of love.”

And then he capped it with another unsettling comment about his estrangement from Ariana! Referencing that aforementioned quote about how he “lost a friend” in Tom after the scandal, Jeremy insinuated his stance on that might be changing if he doesn’t hear from his sister soon:

“Depending on how long it takes for me to hear from my sister, we’ll determine on whether I stick to that stance or not.”

Jeez! So foreboding! What do U make of Jeremy’s comments, Perezcious readers?? We know Ariana doesn’t want any connection to Tom and that whole fractured part of her past life. But apparently that includes her own brother?! Oof!!

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