David Adefeso Addresses Working Out In His Latest Post


David Adefeso shared a post on his social media account that has fans in awe. Check out the pic that he shared that has some of his lady fans drooling.

‘This pandemic dad bod is a b*.#ch. One way another I’m going back down to my normal waist 30, even if it takes me all of 2022. #pandemic #workout #weightloss #excercise,’ he captioned his post.

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Someone said: ‘Please keep the dad bod…you look,’ and a commenter said: ‘Look I hear you but that’s not hardly a Dad’s body but that’s your bizness.’

One other followe posted this: ‘Keep the dad’s body!!! Looks good!!!! But whatever you comfortable with!!’

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Someone else said: ‘It’s definitely possible, took me about a year. Much success on your journey,’ and a follower posted this: ‘What are you talking about. You look fantastic.’

David Adefeso   has been supporting young people for a while now. Check out his latest move below.

‘Another successful college activation event with food, games, and a free, seeded college fund for every child; this time at Pine Bluff Arkansas. Our goal is to get 3 million Black kids to college so we can open up their minds to the unending opportunities America offers. Because…’

He continued and said: ‘”The fortunes of our children should be based on the extent of their dreams, and those dreams must be based on the size of their imagination; not the zip code into which they were unfortunate enough to be born into.” David Adefeso

He also shared another post before this and you can see what he said below:

‘Another terrific college fund activation event; this time at @stephenslrsd in Little Rock Arkansas. It was heartwarming to see the school band perform for hundreds of parents and community members who were in attendance to support the amazing children of Stephens Elementary. The mission is to get all 3 million Black children living in poverty today a college fund and help break our generational cycle of poverty.’

David also said the following: ‘Studies show that kids who go to college make $1 million more than kids who don’t. They also show having a college fund makes a kid 3 times more likely to go to college.’

‘Thank you, Principal Phillip Carlock, for partnering with @sootchyapp to make a real difference.“There’s nothing we can’t accomplish as a community if we join hands together in service to each other.”’ he concluded.


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