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    David Adefeso Drops Useful Financial Advice Ahead Of Christmas

    David Adefeso is sharing important financial advice just ahead of Christmas. Check out the video that he shared on his social media account.

    ‘Being a part of the U.S. financial system is a prerequisite to achieving the American Dream. Unfortunately, too many Americans, primarily low-to- moderate income minorities, are locked out of the US financial system. The cost? A whopping 3,000 per year!’ David captioned his post.

    Someone said: ‘Thanks for the great advice! You are correct that way too many people use check cashers and payday lenders to their detriment. And the big banks charge enormous fees that are almost as bad. That’s why I love the online banks. They can save you so much money.’

    A commenter posted this: ‘Excellent information and wish you success in the journey of changing lives.’

    A fan said: ‘Unbanked and underbanked Americans, quite interesting even though American capitalists invest more in Africa to tap into the unbanked population of the continent while 70% of Fellow American citizens are either unbanked or underbanked.’

    One other follower posted this: ‘I would love to discuss this with you @david.adefeso. I would love to help people find better ways.’

    Also,   David Adefeso shared a message in which he addresses the key to solving an important problem. Check out his post here.

    ‘Driven by the generational cycles of poverty we are all too familiar with, violence and homicides are skyrocketing in our communities. While we may not have caused the problem in the first place, it is incumbent on us to take the initiative and help our communities break these cycles that are holding us back generation after generation, with no end in sight,’ David captioned his post.

    Also, David Adefeso shared an important message on his social media account. Check out what he had to say in the post that he dropped on IG.

    A fan said: ‘It’s insane! we have to master it so well that we all don’t end up making their plan win. We must help our young boys with good luck ducation , protection , keeping drugs off our streets and teaching them skills of what to do when faced with police brutality , we must try as much as we can to save our future.’

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