Eminem’s Kids Hailie Jade & Stevie Share Insight Into Sibling Bond


Eminem’s Daughter Proves She’s His No. 1 Stan

Eminem‘s kids are ready to lose themselves down memory lane.

In fact, the rapper’s daughter Hailie Jade got a little sentimental while recounting her childhood with the family’s youngest member Stevie Laine. (Hailie and Stevie’s mom is Eminem’s ex wife Kim Scott.)

“I was so happy to have a little sister,” the 27-year-old shared during the Oct. 31 episode of her Just A Little Shady podcast, before joking, “Oh my god, am I going to get emotional? I’m old!”

Hailie went on to recall her excitement when Stevie, now 21, was born, explaining how she’s always “loved babies” and immediately became possessive of her younger sibling.

“When you were born,” Hailie told Stevie, “I was like, “A baby for me! It’s mine!'”

Hailie praised Stevie for having a wide range of interests while being “unfazed by everything” about their unconventional family.

“You’ve lived like a thousand lives,” she marveled at Stevie’s childhood pursuits, which included horseback-riding and gymnastics. “You just try as many activities and then you’d be good at them all. And then I’d be like, ‘That’s annoying. Why are you so athletic?'”

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