How Josh Duggar Spent His Christmas Behind Bars After Child


We hope you didn’t spend even a moment during your holiday celebrations casting a thought to how Josh Duggar was spending Christmas. But now a couple days removed we thought you might be curious on the reports coming out of Arkansas.

If you were worried the accused child molester — who was found guilty earlier this month on one count of receiving child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography — would be cut some slack for the holidays, fear not!

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According to a law enforcement source spilling to The Sun, the 33-year-old was very much alone and miserable — and most importantly nowhere near any children, unlike every Christmas past.

A source at the Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas, where Josh is being held while awaiting sentencing, told the outlet that the father of seven was served his Christmas meal alone in his cell, just like every other meal.

Apparently the detention center doesn’t hold much of a holiday celebration anyway, but for Josh it wouldn’t matter anyway. He’s still in solitary confinement, where he’s been put since his conviction — reportedly for his own protection as inmates don’t afford much hospitality to child sex offenders.

One source explained about the situation:

“People in solitary do not get to eat with others. They get served alone in their cell, but they get the same food everyone else does.”

So definitely no White Elephant. As for the meal, it does sound pretty Christmassy. Another insider told the outlet just before the big day:

“It’s going to be turkey and gravy, candied carrots, mashed potatoes, a roll with margarine and a spice cake. The beverage will be a fortified drink mix.”

A fortified drink mix. Festive!

And Josh ate it all alone, away from his family — and more importantly everyone else’s.

He wasn’t the only one with a rather muted Christmas celebration this year. The Duggar family usually shares their family joy with pics for holidays, especially Christmas. But this time the 19 Kids and Counting clan have kept quiet, with the main family Instagram account being dormant since Thanksgiving. In other words, they haven’t given folks anything new to comment on since the trial began, including the fact a previous password to the page was revealed as being the same as the one to access the porn on Josh’s computer.

As for Josh’s wife Anna, she has been radio silent even longer, since showing off baby #7. It’s unclear where she or the kids spent the holidays, but we wouldn’t be surprised if all the Duggars who stood behind Josh gathered together to count their blessings.

[Image via Anna Duggar/Instagram/Washington County Sheriffs Office.]

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