King Of The Hill Star’s Cause Of Death CANNOT Be Determined Because Body Was Too Decomposed!


There are still no answers about what may have caused the King Of The Hill star Johnny Hardwick‘s sudden death.

Earlier this year, officers from the Austin Police Department responded to a call about conducting a welfare check at the 64-year-old voice actor’s home in Texas. When police arrived at the residence, they discovered Hardwick and pronounced him dead at the scene. No foul play was suspected at the time. The Austin Police Department noted the cause of death would be “determined by the Medical Examiner’s Office.”

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But months after his tragic passing, the medical examiner hasn’t been able to figure out how he died! Why? His body was too decomposed to determine what happened! According to an autopsy report obtained by TMZ, Johnny was found dead in the bathtub with the water still running. The drain was open and he was not submerged in the water.

Still, the scene made it impossible for investigators to figure out what happened. Johnny’s cause of death couldn’t be determined due to the “extensive decompositional changes” his body was experiencing in the water when cops found him. However, the medical examiner did reveal there were no obvious signs of trauma. A toxicology test also showed a “presumptive positive test for cannabinoids.” Drugs were discovered at the scene, but it’s unknown what type of substances they were. Also — at the time he was discovered, Johnny weighed only 100 pounds.

So, so sad…

We continue to keep Hardwick’s loved ones in our thoughts. This news must not be easy for them to hear.

[Image via Johnny Hardwick/Adult Swim/YouTube]

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