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    Model Beverly Johnson’s Mid-1990s Abuse Allegations Against Chris Noth Resurface

    An old article claiming Chris Noth abuse from the mid-1990s has emerged amid the shocking new sexual assault allegations against the actor.

    As we previously noted, the Sex and the City star is under fire after two women anonymously came forward in a Thursday morning report to accuse him of separate instances of alleged sexual assault in 2004 and 2015. In response, Noth denied those allegations, though Peloton immediately took action regarding their And Just Like That… promos involving the 67-year-old.

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    Now, a new (old) newspaper clipping has been revealed — and it would appear to relate to the disturbing allegations against Noth. Shared on social media Thursday, the now-viral post is a photo of an article from The National Enquirer which was originally published in 1995.

    In the story, titled “Top Model Battered By Law & Order Star,” model Beverly Johnson allegedly claims in “shocking court papers” that she was abused by Noth, who was a star on NYC-based Law & Order at the time. The pair dated for five years in the early 1990s. The article reports that, according to court papers, Noth is allegedly a “jealous ex-boyfriend” who reportedly “has beaten [Johnson], threatened to disfigure her and made death threats against her” while also allegedly threatening “to kill Beverly’s dog.”

    As you can see (HERE), the IG post resurfacing those shocking old allegations has since very much gone viral, being liked nearly 75,000 times in its first 12 hours online.


    Reaction to the National Enquirer report resurfacing was swift and serious:

    “Just catching up on Chris Noth. Beverly Johnson told y’all in the 90s but she’s Black so y’all didn’t listen.”

    “The truth about Chris Noth have been around for a while if you lived in certain places and worked certain jobs. Beverly Johnson said he abused her in the nineties.”

    “Chris Noth threatened to disfigure her and murder her *and* kill her dog. Nobody listened. Beverly Johnson.”

    “The fact that Beverly Johnson told people about Bill Cosby AND Chris Noth but no one listened? The disrespect”

    “I didn’t know that Beverly Johnson spoke out about Chris Noth abusing her decades ago until tonight… and his career just kept skyrocketing regardless…”

    “beverly johnson all warned everyone about Chris Noth’s abusive ass back in 1995 and no one listened to her”

    “I remember when Beverly Johnson accused Chris Noth of abusing her when they dated, so those allegations don’t shock me…”

    “Beverly Johnson tried to warn the world that this man was dangerous”

    “Beverly Johnson was ignored in the 90’s. If true, I can’t imagine the pain, both emotional and physically, that the women had to deal with all these years.”

    No kidding.

    Definitely shocking to see that report surface now, so many years later… You may know Beverly from when she spoke out in 2014, claiming Bill Cosby drugged her in 1986.  We do wonder if she’ll address these Noth headlines resurfacing. Undoubtably more painful memories being presented in the press.

    [Image via Sheri Determan/Jeff Grossman/WENN]

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