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    Oklahoma Drive-Thru Worker Arrested After Putting METH In Someone’s Order

    One customer in Skiatook, Oklahoma, got a little more than what they ordered from a fast food restaurant this week!

    According to Fox 23, an unidentified man had gone to their local Carl’s Jr. earlier this week and grabbed some grub at the drive-thru before sitting down somewhere else and hopping onto a video call with his girlfriend. But when the guy opened up his food order, he found an unexpected item inside – a small baggy full of meth! Yeah, you read that right!

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    The man was not exactly sure what the substance was at the time but believed it was methamphetamine. Thankfully, he did not ingest any of it! Instead, he quickly took pictures of the drugs, reported them to the manager on duty, who got him a new food order, and then took the images to the police department. The Skiatook Police Department explained in a statement on Facebook:

    “An individual made an order at the restaurant and when they received their order, they found a small baggy of drugs inside their bag. Officers learned that the baggy had a crystalline substance inside of it that later field tested positive for methamphetamine.”

    When law enforcement arrived at the scene, they immediately spoke with the employees. They soon arrested Bryce Francis, an employee at the establishment, for distribution of a controlled substance within 2,000 feet of a school and possession of a controlled substance.


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    Authorities in Skiatook have issued a warning to everyone, saying:

    “When you go out to eat, please check the food, especially before consuming it or handing it to a child. If you encounter anything like described in this incident, please contact us immediately!”

    They also could not help but try to crack a joke about the whole situation in the comments section of the Facebook post, informing whoever the drive-thru drug order was for where they can pick it up:

    “We would also like to add… if you are the person that was SUPPOSE [sic] to receive this order, it is waiting for you at the Skiatook Police Department. Just swing on by!”


    At this time, People reports that Francis has not entered a plea and is being held in custody until a bond hearing. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

    [Image via Skiatook Police Department]

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