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    Ryan Gosling Is In Talks To Play Ken In The

    Michael Keaton’s Ken in Toy Story 3 is certainly big (plastic) shoes to fill, tbh.

    Y’all, it has been the hottest of minutes since we’ve seen Ryan Gosling in a new movie. In fact, the last time we saw him on the big screen was in 2018’s First Man!

    Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

    It’s been three! Whole! Years!

    Well, the good news here is that we won’t have to wait too much longer to see him back in action, since Deadline is reporting that he’s in final talks to play Ken in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie!

    386688 09: (FILE PHOTO) A 1985 Day2Night Ken doll is dressed in a tuxedo in this studio portrait. On March 13, 2001, Mattel toy company celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Ken doll which was originally introduced March 13, 1961 at the American International Toy Fair. Originating with his crew cut look and evolving through the funky disco styles of the ”70s and ”80s, to the trendy styles of the ”90s, Ken has been a worldwide pop culture favorite for every era and for several generations. (Photo courtesy of Mattel/Newsmakers)”,”thumbnail_crop”:{“height”:”719″,”width”:”720″,”x_offset”:”47″,”y_offset”:”19″},”thumbnail_src”:”;47,19″,”alt_text”:”A Ken doll wearing a suit with striped pants”}], “id”: 128021011, “bfa”: {“e”:”{idx:0,subbuzzId:128021011}”} } ]]>

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Getty Images

    The resemblance is uncanny.

    He’ll be opposite Margot Robbie‘s Barbie, which…like…just give these casting directors all of the possible awards now and save us all a little time.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    Now, this project has been in the works for A WHILE, with plans dating all the way back to 2014. Originally, Sex and the City writer Jenny Bicks was attached to the script, and then Diablo Cody took over and Amy Schumer was cast in the lead role.


    Then Schumer left the project and Anne Hathaway stepped in…THEN Cody exited!

    ANYWAY, you already KNOW the internet had all kinds of feelings about this announcement:

    EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in ‘Barbie’ movie starring Margot Robbie

    08:31 PM – 22 Oct 2021

    Twitter: @DEADLINE

    Some were excited by the news, finding the overall casting to be very promising:

    Well this movie just became amazing! #RyanGosling is #Ken #MargotRobbie is #Barbie

    08:37 PM – 22 Oct 2021

    Twitter: @GraceRandolph

    A few people pointed out that Gosling has positively KILLED similar roles before:

    ryan gosling’s role in crazy, stupid, love was so ken-coded so i know for a fact he’s gonna devour this role

    08:37 PM – 22 Oct 2021

    Twitter: @SUCC3SSlON

    But others were like…well…”no”:

    Charles Sykes/Invision / AP/Shutterstock; Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP/ Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @LAVIDAPRADA

    Some even went so far as to suggest OTHER actors they’d prefer to see:

    Charles Sykes/Invision / AP/Shutterstock; Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP/ Shutterstock / Via Twitter: @thegirlinlust

    And, of course, there were plenty of jokes:

    MGM Distribution Co. / Via Twitter: @__vielleicht__

    So, uh, there ya have it! I guess we’re just going to have to wait until more information is released about the movie to see if life in plastic is, in fact, fantastic!


    I was legally obligated to make an Aqua “Barbie Girl” joke. I don’t make the law, I just obey it.

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