Stacey Toy: Woman of the Year


Since forever many scholars, leaders, thinkers and teachers have helped campaign for the power of positivity in their respective fields. Stacey Toy is one such person. Ralph Waldo Emerson for example was often called the forefather of positive thinking. In his writings he emphasize the role our perception plays in shaping our reality and how we must adjust our attitudes in order to change our life. Stacey Toy in her perspective fields creates positive thoughts that impact peoples well-being knowing it’s not what happens to you that counts but how you react to what happens to you that matters.

A leading enthusiasts in the fields of NFTs and also in the entertainment industry Stacey was educated at Oxford and is the COO for her own company NFT Drop, LLC. She is also the cohost for Cedric the Entertainers Fan Room Live where she has interviewed people including Morgan Fairchild, Ice-T, and many others. She spent 11 years in the broadcasting industry on a top 55 market station where she was the news director. She worked with the 2012 Olympic Games and was instrumental in helping build her stations new high definition control room. She produces, and casts films and television commercials and has worked with companies including Toyota in the Super Bowl. She is an entrepreneur and has worked with crypto currencies and  NFT‘s way before anyone was aware of them. 

She credits herself for the ability to be able to train herself to think positively and to always be able to figure things out. She enjoys networking and learning about all kinds of different things examining details where possible. She is constantly being educated and loves learning new things. 

Medically speaking and according to the Mayo Clinic positive thinking can actually enhance your immune system, increase the span of life and lower levels of stress and tension. Stacey knows that while every day might not be good there was always something good about every day. 

“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down”.. Charlie Chaplin

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