The Stars of National Treasure: Edge of History Reveal Easter


Blink and you may miss these treasured Easter eggs.

Disney+ released the first two episodes for National Treasure: Edge of History Dec. 14, and subsequently paid tribute to the beloved film franchise it’s based on. For starters, the premiere marked the short-lived return of Harvey Keitel’s FBI Agent Peter Sadusky, who passes away in episode one after giving budding cryptologist Jess (Lisette Oliviera) a clue to an ancient treasure—that’s somehow connected to her late father.

On working with the National Treasure legend, Lisette told E! News it was “an incredible honor,” as he was “a huge part of what made the movie so special. And in a way I feel like they passed the torch on to me.”

Of course, Harvey’s cameo isn’t the only notable callback, as eagle-eyed fans may’ve noticed key clues from the first National Treasure film: The Benjamin Franklin glasses and the Meerschaum Pipe.

The items are revealed in a secret treasure room in the second episode, in which Jess ropes the late Sadusky’s grandson Liam (Jake Austin Walker) into helping her solve a growing mystery.

Looking for confirmation that those are really Easter eggs from the OG franchise? Well then, look no further because we had Jake, Zuri Reed, Antonio Cipriano, Jordan Rodrigues and Lyndon Smith confirm the callbacks—and tease others to come.

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