Zac Efron, Dylan Efron Spend Thanksgiving With Younger Siblings


Zac Efron and Dylan Efron played the roles of dutiful big brothers while spending Thanksgiving as a family.

“Happy Thanksgiving 🧡,” Dylan, 31, wrote via Instagram on Friday, November 24, alongside a video of himself with Zac, 36, and their younger siblings Olivia and Henry.

In the clip, both the older brothers can be seen goofing off with Olivia and Henry in the backyard as they pick them up and spin them around in circles. Later in the video, the little ones can be seen dizzy and laughing while trying not to fall over.

The post also shows Olivia and Henry sitting on Dylan’s lap during dinner. After eating their meal, Olivia curls up into a ball and nestles herself into Dylan’s jacket.

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His loved ones. Zac Efron has enjoyed many adventures with his family over the years — and luckily the actor documented the special bonding moments to share with his fans. The High School Musical star, who is an older brother to Dylan and Olivia, recalled how his siblings and parents supported him in 2013. “My […]

After Zac and Dylan’s parents split in 2016, their dad David Efron moved on with his second wife, Jenny Efron. The couple later expanded their family with daughter Olivia and son Henry. When Dylan became an older sibling for the first time in 2019, he looked to Zac on how to be an ideal big bro. Zac and Dylan’s mom, Starla Baskett, hasn’t remarried.

“My motto [for building a strong bond with brother Henry and sister Olivia] has just been FaceTime. I try to see them as much as I can,” Dylan exclusively told Us Weekly in September. “But really, I just think back and my brother was such a good brother to me and I want to be that for them. So it’s really just — I like thinking what they think of me and I want to be that presence for them.”

As their little siblings have grown up, both Dylan and Zac have shown off their adventures as a family. “Showtime 🤡,” Zac captioned a photo of him, Olivia and Henry at a local carnival over the summer.

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Close connection. Zac Efron has been open about his bond with his family over the years. The California native, who rose to fame after playing Troy Bolton in Disney Channel’s High School Musical franchise, is the eldest of three. Even at the height of his career, Zac opted to live with his brother, Dylan Efron. […]

Over the years, Zac has been open about how much his family has supported him and how he strives to do the same for them.

“My family’s my rock. I know that they’re not going anywhere. More and more I rely on my little brother to keep me grounded,” Zac said during a 2013 Q&A panel. “I know my family’s always going to be there, and then there’s also some times when life changes, they can’t always be there for you in the way that you need, so I rely on my friends.”

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