1 HOUR of Horror Ghost Baby Crying and Laughing Sounds


I create visual animations for these videos from scratch, write stories and/or voice sayings, I record these alongside other creepy sounds, edit these and compose them all together to create new unique horror-related audiovisual experiences every week.

Thank you for watching! You can use my sounds as long as you credit me (Lara Sluyter) and my channel. You are NOT permitted to reupload or redistribute my content.

You can use my sounds as long as you credit my channel and my name somewhere.

For films or games, it would be: Sound Effects by Lara Sluyter (LARA’S HORROR SOUNDS on YouTube).
For songs, it would be: Featuring Lara Sluyter or sound effects / vocals by Lara Sluyter (LARA’S HORROR SOUNDS on YouTube).
For paid commissions, email to lara@sapphirefilms.nl.

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