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    10 Perfect Holiday Gifts For Manga Fans

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    If you are reading this post, you are probably wondering: What are good gifts for people who enjoy manga? Well, you aren’t alone. Manga fans can be pretty particular when it comes to their reads, so it helps to know what they are interested in. If you aren’t sure, you can always try to think outside the box and gift them something they can relate to. If all all else fails, snacks always work.

    You’re laughing, and I’m being serious. There are so many food references in manga that I’ll be shocked if the manga reader in your life isn’t a foodie. But, besides food, you can also find a balance of pop culture and manga collaborations all across the internet. My favorite place to find one-of-a-kind gifts is Etsy. There are a lot of designers and shops that have manga and anime influences in their products so you can bet on finding something that no one else has. I found ten unique gifts for manga fans that will make them swoon.

    a photo of manga comic book rosesa photo of manga comic book roses

    These unique manga roses will make a great conversational piece on your bookshelf or anywhere else you place it. If your favorite person has a tough time caring for live plants, this is a great alternative. $15 and up.

    My Hero Academia cup imageMy Hero Academia cup image

    If you know someone who loves to drink iced coffee all year round, this My Hero Academia cup makes for the perfect gift. It comes in some snazzy colors, so you’ll never leave it far behind. $15 and up.

    photo of manga plantersphoto of manga planters

    These manga planters will even make Naruto want to have green thumbs. You can even choose from a few popular manga to impress your special person. $17 and up.

    manga mystery snack box imagemanga mystery snack box image

    If you know someone who loves manga and snacks, this mystery box might be right up their alley. Packed with eats, treats, and your favorite boys’ love/BL and queer themes and references, this is a gift that will keep on giving. $40

    Josuke Higashikata candle imageJosuke Higashikata candle image

    This Josuke Higashikata inspired candle is full of mystery and rebellion with its bergamot and amber notes. $15 and up.

    eat sleep anime repeat shirt imageeat sleep anime repeat shirt image

    This almost edible anime shirt is perfect for people who dream of eating and making their favorite manga and anime meals. $14 and up.

    DIY ancient Japan Kyoto Geisha historical book nook imageDIY ancient Japan Kyoto Geisha historical book nook image

    This DIY Ancient Japan Kyoto Geisha Historical book nook will transform your bookshelf immediately. Now you can show off those manga with pride. $75

    Agrretsuko felt toy imageAgrretsuko felt toy image

    This Aggretsuko felt toy will melt the heart of any hardcore manga rocker in your life. $10

    anime perfume imageanime perfume image

    Give the gift of enchanting perfume for manga and anime lovers. The long-lasting body oils and fragrances will leave a lasting impression. $10 and up.

    a photo of manga-printed sneakersa photo of manga-printed sneakers

    These custom manga Jordans are a sight to behold. You can customize the characters as well. $415 and up.

    If you are looking for more manga goodies, check out these Sailor Moon enamel pins and these comic book accessories.

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