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    10 TRUE Terrifying Basement Horror Stories

    Join me in the depths of the basement for tonight’s installment of scary stories!

    Le Time Stamps!
    Intro – 00:00
    Story 1 – 00:26
    Story 2 – 03:24
    Story 3 – 05:37
    Story 4 – 08:51
    Story 5 – 11:42
    Story 6 – 24:00
    Story 7 – 25:07
    Story 8 – 28:46
    Story 9 – 31:22
    Story 10 – 37:47
    Story 11 – 39:43
    Outro – 44:44

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    All Stories are read with full permission from the authors:
    Submission by: Monica
    Submission by: Jason – Twitter @1robgunther

    Comment from discussion .

    Possessed by a wall.. from Paranormal

    This isn’t as interesting as other posts but I thought I’d share it still from Paranormal

    Music by CO.AG Music –
    Music by Myuu -
    Music by Kevin Macleod –
    Music used is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

    #Scary #Creepy #MortisMedia

    Secret Message Section: I’m sorry for the delay. Leonora is sick too, and restless

    View Original Video Here

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