#26 Horror News: Woman and Daughter Allegedly Aborted, Burned, and Buried 23-Week Unborn Baby


Horrific recent news about how a teenage girl and her mother allegedly obtained illegal abortion drugs, tried to hide the body of her 23-week unborn baby, and how the liberal media is just upset at Facebook for releasing DMs to the police as evidence. Also, Indiana’s new fund to help pregnant mothers and a new bipartisan bill that would help mothers travel with breastmilk for their babies!

0:00 Mother and daughter charged with illegal abortion
8:46 Indiana’s new fund to support pregnant mothers and babies
13:36 Viral video brings bipartisan bill to help mothers traveling with breastmilk
22:06 The lie that women need abortion to succeed
24:11 Go help new moms!

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Read more about the mother and daughter charged with illegal abortion:

Referenced article about the viral video that has led to help for mothers traveling with breastmilk:

“Context” Context: A successful abortion ALWAYS kills a human life. Science and biology confirm that this fetus or embryo is distinctly human, possesses unique DNA, and displays the normal characteristics of a human being in that stage of development. For pregnancy help, visit

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