‘3 Body Problem’ is Very “Disturbing”


It’s official, Chucky’s old, but he’s not down for the count. In the new trailer for Chucky Season 3: Part 2, it seems that our ole’ friend till the end is finally on his deathbed with nothing left to do but go back from whence he came. But hold on, don’t film the sunset scene yet because there might be just a little more power in them batteries.

Season three was cut short last year thanks to the writer’s and actor’s strike. but SyFy just released the new trailer for its hit horror series and it ends with a blast. Literally, a blast!

Starting on April 10, our killer in the rainbow onesie is Chucking back and there is no shortage of blood! Here’s a little taste of the plot according to SyFy:

“…Old Chucky seems to find a new zest for… death. Even though he’s weaker than he’s been in a very long time, Chucky declares that he’s somehow ‘going for the nukes!’ Which shouldn’t be too hard, given that he’s infiltrated The White House, but still, a tall order even for someone with Chucky’s body count.”

The series has been a hit for the cable channel pulling in great ratings and reviews, a huge win for director and creator Don Mancini. His last motion picture in the franchise, Cult of Chucky, was released seven years ago. But he can give more to fans by using the small screen medium because of a smaller budget. That doesn’t mean the series is cheap looking, in fact, it might look a little better than some of the proper franchise films.

So get ready for the second half of Chucky’s third season, which premieres on USA and the SyFy Channel starting April 10.

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