3 Disturbing Roommate Horror Stories Animated


Story1: Crazy roommate:
I never thought I will reunite with one of my school friend under challenging circumstances. I might have been living on the streets if she didn’t take me in as her roommate. But as I started sharing her apartment with her I noticed a few mysterious things about her and her secret boyfriend. I was never ready for the truth that unfolded later!

Story2: “You think you know Someone :
I once had a roommate called Benjamin Robinson. And to me he was the best roommate on the planet, as I found a brother in him. But when the recent lockdown arrived I began to see a new side of Benjamin a side I had never seen before.

Stroy3: Under His Skin:
My roommate was an introvert like me. We never talked much but got along well enough. But things started to get weird after he volunteered for a project at our university. He became much quieter and spends even more time in his room than before. I would soon learn that his problems went far deeper than simple shyness.

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Story 3 Written by spookiebiscuit:

Story 2 Written by Caleb:

Story 1 Written by ARITRI CHATTERJEE

Stories Narrated by Dorsey Jackson
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